The Eagles’ All-Decade Disappointments Team

There are plenty of great Philadelphia Eagles out there.

In 2017 alone, the prospects are high for quite a few young starters. And recent history shows there has been no shortage of fan favorites to take the field at Lincoln Financial Field.

For every player that finds stardom as an Eagle, however, there’s usually at least one who struggles to come close. Expectations are high on the gridiron in the City of Brotherly Love, so it’s no surprise Philadelphia has also been home to, you know, a dud or two — or 25.

Maybe these guys were rattled by injuries. Maybe, to little or no fault of their own, they were misused. Maybe they’re not bad football players, after all. (They sure as heck did better than most of us in getting to the pros.)

As Eagles, though, they weren’t exactly heroes. They are …

The Eagles’ All-Decade Disappointments Team:


— QB Kevin Kolb (2007-2010)

  • The injury bug bit him hard, and Michael Vick’s emergence from the shadows bit him harder. For all the talk of him being Andy Reid’s groomed replacement of Donovan McNabb, he was shipped out of town rather quickly.

— RB DeMarco Murray (2015)

  • He takes this one over Ronnie Brown (2011) not because he’s a bad guy or running back but because his arrival was as hyped as could be, his lone Eagles season was often embarrassing and his desire to exit was apparent.

— WR Steve Smith (2011)

— WR Nelson Agholor (2015-present)

  • His 2016 was frustrating on all accounts. And yet he could be a serious comeback candidate in 2017.

— WR Miles Austin (2015)

— TE Cornelius Ingram (2009-2011)

— OT Winston Justice (2006-2011)

— OG Shawn Andrews (2004-2009)

  • Like with Justice, his tenure wasn’t entirely upsetting. There were flashes of stability and dominance. The downward spiral out of town, however, coincided with injuries that hampered what could’ve been an iconic career.

— C David Molk (2014-2015)

— OG Danny Watkins (2011-2012)

  • Fun fact: Danny would only be entering the sixth year of his career in 2017 if he hadn’t quit the sport he admitted to never loving.

— OT Stacy Andrews (2009)

— DE Marcus Smith (2014-present)

— DE Victor Abiamiri (2007-2011)

— DT Trevor Laws (2008-2011)

— DT Isaac Sopoaga (2013)

— MLB Casey Matthews (2011-2013)

  • He did a decent job as a reserve at the tail end of his Eagles stint, but he was on the wrong end of far too many big plays early on.

— ILB/OLB Ernie Sims (2010)

  • I’m in the minority here, but Sims actually impressed me at times with his speed. Then again, maybe it was just me trying to defend a guy whose high-profile resume suggested his play should’ve defended itself.

— ILB/OLB Kiko Alonso (2015)

— CB Nnamdi Asomugha (2011-2012)

  • He got better in his second Eagles season, but there was no denying the damage of giving him a five-year, $60-million deal. Blame it on the coaches or Asomugha’s aging body, but the results never came close to matching the hype here.

— CB Curtis Marsh (2011-2013)

— FS Sean Jones (2009)

— SS Patrick Chung (2013)

— K Alex Henery (2011-2013)

  • Through just about two Eagles seasons, he was on a record-setting pace. By the end of Year Three, he was a liability.

— P Chas Henry (2011)


2 thoughts on “The Eagles’ All-Decade Disappointments Team

  1. How in God’s name is Sean Speedbump Considine not number one on this list??,That ankle tackling, slow footed, walking busted coverage was a freaking JOKE. He got highlightreeled ran over, tricked, whatever you want to call it, every single game. He was Nelson Agholor but on defense and 19 times worse.


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