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Tom Brady’s 80 for Brady’: Behind-the-scenes look, plus why the movie showcases the QB’s true legacy (CBS Sports, 2023)

Eagles’ Jalen Hurts is changing lives: ‘This is who I am’ (CBS Sports, 2022)

Justin Jefferson, face of the Vikings (CBS Sports, 2022)

Kurt Warner goes Hollywood: Inside ‘American Underdog,’ the true story behind an NFL legend’s family and fame (CBS Sports, 2021)

With God, Against the World: A Hidden Life (Bright Wall/Dark Room, 2021)

When Plans Run Counter to People: Moneyball (Bright Wall/Dark Room, 2021)

2021 NFL Draft: How Trey Lance went from small town and small school to NFL’s next big thing (CBS Sports, 2021)

From NFL to Hollywood: How football shaped John David Washington into breakout movie star (CBS Sports, 2020)

NFL stars Carson Wentz, Dalvin Cook using food trucks to fight hunger, unemployment (CBS Sports, 2020)

Stephen Curry’s ‘Emanuel:’ Inside award-winning documentary on race, faith and forgiveness (CBS Sports, 2019)

Baseball in 1918: Inside the birth of the national anthem in sports, women’s teams, Negro leagues (CBS Sports, 2018)

An open letter to the Vikings family I married into (SB Nation, 2018)

In a career rife with unpredictability, Vikings’ Sam Bradford is calm as can be (CBS Sports, 2017)

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