CODY BENJAMIN has published four independent books, available online via Lulu, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


The Fourth Wind (1)CABIN

In a world brimming with brokenness, hardened by a lack of empathy and misguided by fleeting treasures, where are we to run? Maybe, just maybe, it isn’t the gated and gold-plated community of a world in which history repeats itself and touted pleasures prove incapable of quenching a desire for worth.

Maybe it’s the Cabin (2017). Tarnished it may appear, but on the inside, behind its doors, it is a shelter beyond measure. An escape from the jungle and a safe haven for those seeking renewal. A home for the imperfect and a redeemer of souls.

In this exploration of faith at a time when biblical values have all too often been equated with hurt rather than help and Christian teachings have been used for power rather than love, Cody Benjamin parallels Jesus Christ as humanity’s ultimate Cabin — a shelter for all, albeit one overlooked. For believers, skeptics and all people alike, the doors are open.




In Philadelphia, the Eagles are much more than a football team.

They are a living, breathing force – a concrete representation of the relentless passion of the historic City of Brotherly Love.

In The Eagles Notebook (2016), Cody Benjamin reaffirms that notion, highlighting the Philadelphia Eagles not only as a storied professional franchise but also a timeless symbol of the fervent mentality that defines their fiery supporters – all while dictating an unusual journey from personal fandom to professional Eagles coverage.

With commentary on some of Philadelphia’s iconic stars, an inside look at first-person encounters with the team and, above all, an exploration of the unbreakable bond that forms between people and a sport they so dearly cling to, it is an essential addition to any football fan’s collection, particularly one doused in Eagles green.



Combining biblical scripture with personal inspirations, Outcast (2015) explores the world from the eyes of a Christian caught in between a lifestyle dictated by society and a walk of faith in the face of inevitable challenges.

An open-book dissection of the conflicts between Christianity and contemporary society, it touches on everything from everyday thankfulness and misconceptions of manhood to wrestling with circumstances and finding hope in good and bad times alike.

Is happiness eternal? Should we be thankful for what we don’t get? Are tomorrow’s concerns worthy of becoming today’s problems? Can blessings hurt us more than help us? Do Christians really see the world in a different light?

These questions of faith – and many more – are part of the spiritual expedition within.



In Skyline Teardrops (2014), Cody Benjamin recalls his experiences volunteering, struggling and growing alongside nine other students from around the country.

Pressed to make an impact in Detroit, a city that seems to be known more for its devastation than anything else, he dives into the importance of urban youth, explores the historic downfall of Motor City and, most importantly, exercises an immense walk of faith that changes his perspective on far more than the surrounding broken neighborhoods.

The narrative centers on Benjamin’s experiences on a summer project with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), but its backdrop is a personal portrait of spiritual discovery as well as an outside dive into the dynamics of Detroit and what led to mass abandonment in the city.